The Legend of Parry Apparel 

Our story begins on a dark, stormy night, when a muy guapo gentleman decided that he wanted to make a difference in the world. Relinquishing all he owned except his clothes, shoes, computer, furniture, apartment, misc. toiletries, and his prized hair products, he created a non-profit organization that offered life coaching to impoverished communities abroad. He traveled to the corners of the earth; places like India, Africa, Nepal, and New York City, to help those in need. During his time outside of luxury, he met a young lad in a leprosy colony who wore a garment and jewelry of keen interest. He soon came to understand that the mysterious shirt was called a “Kurta” and the intriguing necklace and bracelet were known as “Shakti” jewelry. He also discovered an ancient secret about them: they grant the wearer powers of cosmic connectivity lifting them to higher levels of consciousness. From that day forward he was driven to discover where he might acquire such apparel. 

On his very next trip to India he was blessed to locate the coveted kurtas and jewelry and obtain his own. He toiled day and night to come up with a design that would harness their greatest cosmic potential. Once this design was realized, in his new super-conscious state, he was able to go about doing much good in the world. It wasn’t long before he realized that this knowledge and power did not belong to him alone. He needed to share it with the rest of humanity. He searched far and wide for two years, even sending emissaries to locate manufacturers who could reproduce the mystical colors, weave and design in order that he might make this powerful garment available to all people of the world.


Kurtas and Shakti Jewelry have arrived in the USA from the mystical manufacturers of Rajasthan. With every sale we empower the masses and raise the consciousness of humanity. As you participate by wearing your Parry Apparel, you too will influence the course of history. You will transcend the illusory bonds of the maya and fulfill your true mission. As we move into a new age, you will lead the way into the enlightenment—empowered and protected by this mystical garment.


And thus the official raiment of the Age of Enlightenment, the magical threads destined to usher in this new ethereal epoch of human history came to be.

Seriously though – these shirts, necklaces and bracelets have an aura about them that will change your life. Fabrics, materials and designs carry an energy with them and these will elevate you to an etheric transcendence while at the same time deepening and rooting your chakra into the earth.

Now go get your own Parry Apparel kurta, necklace and bracelet

and raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

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